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Moorer is an Italian luxury fashion brand known for its high-quality outerwear, including jackets and coats for both men and women. The brand is often associated with its fine craftsmanship, innovative design, and the use of premium materials.

While Moorer’s primary focus is on creating outerwear that combines fashion with function, the company is known for producing stylish and versatile pieces. Their collection often features various styles, from classic and elegant to more contemporary and sporty, suitable for various occasions and weather conditions.

Moorer has gained recognition for its use of high-tech fabrics and materials to ensure warmth, comfort, and protection in their outerwear. The brand is especially known for its down jackets and coats, which are highly regarded for their quality and functionality.

As of my last update in September 2021, the company’s name is typically referred to as “Moorer” rather than “Moorer Verona.” Please note that the fashion industry may have evolved since then, and I recommend checking the latest information about the brand if needed.

Collection Fall-Winter 2023-2024