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Errico Formicola

Errico Formicola is a brand with a high Neapolitan tailoring tradition.

The finest fabrics, the most accurate manufacturings, the quality of the finishes, make each garment a high-class product.

The brand’s tradition has ancient origins which begin in the early 1900s.

At the time Don Vincenzo Formicola, a man of great taste and elegance, was considered a « Gagà ». This term were used to call men who distingueshed themselvers for their way of dressing: mindful of details, original and extravagant, but at the same time very elegant. Starting from this innate style and taste, over the years, the brand specialized in totallook for man.

From 1971, Errico Formicola started his career in the haute couture and men’s fashion sector working as a sales clerk at the atelier of Mariano Rubinacci, at the time considered a temple of elegance and refinement of Neapolitan clothing and still known worldwide today.

Later he collaborated with other Neapolitan fashion houses, famous all over the world, up to the foundation of Gagà s.r.l. with which he gave life to a new specific branch dedicated to neckwear.

In 2006 was founded also the Errico Formicola brand with the production of shirts and ties, then over the years, the brand has expanded its range of men’s clothing to create an elegant and trendy total look thanks to the use of fine materials and textures always innovative.


When I started manufacturing ties I decided to remain faithful to the ancient neapolitan tailoring tradition. A selection of the most precious an exclusive fabrics and the following four production steps make our ties absolytely unique in their realisation.


Each tie is hand cut and in order to give the pattern a perfect centering, each cut is carefully controlled.


Errico Formicola is a trademark of Neapolitan sartorial tradition. The finest fabrics, processing more accurate, quality finishing, making each garment a product of great class.


Errico Formicola prefers to process each his garments

The mind and the hand of his impeccable tailors, that replace the machines, giving the shirt an expert cut that allows to take a very special fit, in all its parts.


Errico Formicola is a brand of high Neapolitan tailoring tradition . The most precious fabrics , the most accurate machining , the quality of finish , make each garment a high-class product.


Our production is set as if it were a tailor shop. The technical reason is that to obtain certain results in terms of fit

We must necessarily work the garment with special steps and techniques typical of neapoletan tailoring.