The Shirt
A true masterpiece of sartorial art

The shirts are styled from the finest fabrics produced exclusively in northern Italy and made from only natural fibres. Each garment is hand-finished, one by one, piece by piece, based on the styles and knowledge acquired through many years of production that are jealously guarded in our workshops. The fit of the Kiton shirt is the culmination of the skilled expertise of 6 generations of Neapolitan shirt-makers.
The measurements, taken directly on the customer, are the basis for the development of the paper-pattern, which is traced onto the fabric with a pencil – with all the precision that this demanding task requires – to indicate the cutting-line. Once all the pieces are tacked together, including the hems, the shirt is sewn following the basting stitches. Every step is meticulously carried out by hand, so as to ensure the wearer more ease and freedom of movement.
More importantly, hand-stitching is softer than machine-stitching and makes the shirt more comfortable to wear and more durable over time.

If special fabrics, such as overcheck or mirrored stripes, are used then this step follows a mathematical calculation, so that the checks and stripes maintain continuity and the pattern appears unchanged in each of the shirt’s following seams: the two pieces of the inside sleeve, the side seams, the sleeves with the yoke, the collar together with the yoke and the back, the sleeve placket with the sleeve seam.
The final steps are to attach the buttons, to reinforce the button holes and to sew on the Kiton label: a guarantee of absolute quality.
Each day the skilled Kiton craftsmen produce around 200 shirts: each requires 6 hours’ work and 22 hand-stitched procedures.

“You may have to compromise on many things, but never on quality”

The most exclusive fabrics and designs give birth to the Kiton shirt , the result of twenty-two handmade stages which give the garment its unique softness and provide the wearer with a comfortable ease of movement.