Our socks are a statement of style, an essential element that becomes an expression of personality.
The socks are our iconic product. Since 1970 our socks have spoken of tailoring and made in Italy and over time, from Spirano, they have reached the catwalks of high fashion, to be worn by authorities, actors and gained recognition from important Fashion Houses. Our story began with Mario Bresciani, who, after a long experience in the hosiery sector, had the entrepreneurial intuition to gather the know-how of his territory and start his own company where he could cultivate and preserve his craftsmanship. His serious and passionate work earned him the title of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2009 and the Star of Labour Merit in 2012. In the first decade of its existence, the company focused on production for third parties, launching and consolidating collaborations with internationally renowned luxury brands.In 1980, the first Bresciani branded socks were created, the first step on the path towards a discreet luxury made up of unique and timeless creations, the result of a choice of noble yarns, attention to detail and technological innovation. In the nineties, the second Bresciani generation entered the business with Massimiliano and Fabio and our brand appeared on the international market with greater strength.
In 2021 we treated ourselves to a restyling of our image, starting with the logo and ending with the creation of a monogram with a refined and recognisable stroke that would become a distinctive element of our product. In December of the same year, we launched our online shop to provide the direct channel that our customers have been asking for.
Today we are taking on the challenge of a global market, strengthened by our solid experience and worldwide distribution network, which allows us to bring our authentically Italian identity to the world. Our philosophy? Preserving and renewing the tailoring tradition and investing in an increasingly sustainable supply chain.


At our headquarters in Spirano we have saved and jealously preserved a historical archive of designs and fabric references for socks and knitwear from Maglificio Avon Celli, the first brand with which founder Mario Bresciani had a partnership

We enjoy this role of guardians of historical and genuinely Italian know-how.


From the outset the company’s mission has been the creation of a product of excellence, selecting the world’s best raw materials through a meticulous research and rigorous controls.

— The use of machines with a high number of needles ensures the best wearability and lightness, as well as making it possible to offer micro patterns, embroidery, refined jacquards, including the most exclusive techniques such as the “vanisee”. For the same reason we use the yarns with the finest counts, such as Egyptian gassed cotton, mercerized and yarn dyed, in a120/2 count (meaning that in a kg there are 120,000 meters of two-ply yarn), which represents the finest yarn that can be worked in hosiery and only on 260-needle machines; or the four ply silk organza, the French linen, the Australian Merino wool, the Himalayan cashmere etc etc… up to the cutting edge of our collection, 70% cashmere 30% silk, 2 / 58.000, produced by Cariaggi, the market leader in fine yarns.

— 12 manual production phases are needed to create the finished product, each of which also constitutes a further quality control, as it is carried out by highly specialized workers with years of experience.

All this takes place at our headquarters in Spirano, in the province of Bergamo, to guarantee not only 100% made in Italy, but also strict control of the supply chain and production processes.


— It is worth mentioning that all our products not only comply with the European Reach legislation for the protection of the health of the final consumer, but the company wanted to go a step further, obtaining the Oeko-Tex certificate, as a guarantee to its consumers.

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As seen in the Best-seller: STYLE AND THE MAN by Alan FLUSSER