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Passion for exceptional craftsmanship.

Celebrating our 38th anniversary, we pay tribute to QUALITY, by highlighting the creations of these passionate craftsmen, who create exceptional handmade products.

Ciro Paone, founder of Kiton, the famous tailoring house of Napoli said:
“I appreciate beauty, I am loyal to tradition, I am proud of my work,
my goal is to create the best of the best +1.”

Paone is our mentor and source of inspiration. QUALITY is at the epicenter of all that he creates.
The quest for perfection starts with an uncompromised choice of raw materials, and is enhanced by the harmonious precision of skilled experts who pour hours on hand stitched products.
The work of these master tailors, who pay a painstaking amount of attention to detail, has remained unchanged for centuries.
A Kiton suit is the result of 25 hours of labor. Each Kiton suit jacket is a work of art, counting 35,000 hand stitches, collaborated on by several tailors.
The same level of skill is incorporated in the realization of all handmade products:
A Borelli shirt takes 6 hours and 22 procedures by skilled seamstresses, to be completed. A 7 fold silk tie is cut and sewn by hand stitch by stitch.
A pair of bench made John Lobb shoes is a “work of art” in manipulation and counts 190 steps from inception to completion.
A Bottega Venetta bag and belt demand hours of artisanal craftsmanship and advanced skills.
The tradition of know-how coupled with the modernity of design innovation are found in each of these unique products, and incorporate the esthetic and personal touch of each artist.
It is with the same obsession for perfection and attention to luxurious QUALITY, that we curate our product assortment.
We aim to give justice to all our proud artisans who create one of a kind special masterpieces. We offer our clients the experience of our “ultra service”, personalized and “custom made” for each one.
In this era of industrial machine-made mass products, only quality bears the stamp of érosion of time. Theses “wearable art” are timeless, and are protected by their uniqueness  of unparalled style and élégance, because “Style is an Art”!

We thank you for 38 years of friendship, loyalty, and support,

Albert Cohen and Paul Teboul Co-founders

From the book by Alan FLUSSER ''Style And The Man''

43 years have passed since our creation. Our mission since the first day: the restless quest for perfection fuelled by the strong energy of passion and emotion which guides us in action and gives us direction for the choice of our collections and our selection.

Our attention to detail, and our sense of presentation. Our obsession for quality, and our respect for tradition. The silkful knwo-how of the artisan from the conception the realization Handed down with love and pride from generation to generation. Only equals our efforts for service and your satisfaction. Thank you for constant support and precious appreciation.