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44 years have passed since our creation

Our mission since the first day: the restless quest for perfection fuelled by the strong energy of passion and emotion which guides us in action and gives us direction for the choice of our collections and our selection.

Our attention to detail, and our sense of presentation. Our obsession for quality, and our respect for tradition. The silkful knwo-how of the artisan from the conception the realization Handed down with love and pride from generation to generation.

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Our Collections

Explore our catalog to discover fashion items designed by renowned designers, made with artisanal precision and premium materials. From tailored suits to elegant coats, we offer a variety of choices to help you express your individuality with class.

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As seen in the Best-seller: STYLE AND THE MAN by Alan FLUSSER

What they say about us

Jake White
Jake White
By far the best retail experience I've ever had. I'm far from experienced in luxury clothing and suit-buying in particular, but Eric was patient, professional, and even made me feel quite comfortable in a suit! Thank you very much L'Uomo, you've earned another lifelong customer.
elie foubert
elie foubert
When I was a student I started building up my wardrobe and was treated like a royal patron, extended discounts and never slighted, especially by M. Fred Jahal and all those worked with him. Try finding connaisseurs of clothing today elsewhere in North America.
Robert Stalker
Robert Stalker
Definitely the best Italian men's store with a wide selection of Italian brands anywhere in the world, likely. I buy a lot of things from the owners who are the greatest people alive but when there is too much stuff to pack in your suitcase, it takes months to get it which would be the only negative thing I would ever say about them. I know the many thousands of dollars I spend there, pale compared to the celebrities that frequent there but, I think my money has the same value as the famous people I see there. Despite my disappointment with their shipping policy, I will shop there until I die and highly recommend this extraordinary shop which has no equal.
Aaron Pimentel
Aaron Pimentel
Les meilleurs en ville ! le Rolls-Royce des vêtements a Montreal. Merci Paul !

- MOSAÏCUS: Belonging to the muses -

This is the translation for the Greco-Latin word: mosaic.

This millennial decorative art honors the muses for their source of artistic inspiration.

With our passion for the tradition of craftsmanship, we have ordered from an Italian stonecutter, for our shop window floor, a mosaic made from the most famous marble, the one of Carrara in Tuscany.

Every pebble of 2 square cm in an array of grey and white tones was assembled one piece at a time with great mastery and thoroughness, a creation of 50 hours of passion. Joining together the nobility of the raw material and the know-how of experts mirrors our products created by artists who are obsessed with beauty and quality.

The central pattern of the floor is a rosette, a timeless design seen in multiple interpretations in palaces and basilicas. Our choice was made to harmonise the outside showcase with the neoclassical décor of l’Uomo.

This luxurious stone tapestry highlighting our artisans’ work, represents also the particular attention we have in personalising every clients’ style.