35 years have passed since our creation. Our mission since the first day: the restless quest for perfection fuelled by the strong energy of passion and emotion which guides us in action and gives us direction for the choice of our collections and our selection.

Our attention to detail, and our sense of presentation. Our obsession for quality, and our respect for tradition. The silkful knwo-how of the artisan from the conception the realization Handed down with love and pride from generation to generation. Only equals our efforts for service and your satisfaction. Thank you for constant support and precious appreciation.


Truth, goodness, and beauty are only to be found in true, good, and beautiful things

while creating this issue of KA Best of Canada, there were certain curators of fine taste that we had in our vision. These businesses were the road maps of what created the “best” […]

L’UOMO cannot even be considered simply a rare find. It is an impossible find, like the alchemist’s quest for the elixir of life. The “boys” Paul Teboul and Albert Cohen, have been doing their rare brand of “Alchemy” for thirty-four years now in Montreal. Starting at a time when luxury was not even a term that was used describing men’s clothing in Canada. These two pioneers chose a road that one would consider at first glance, an impossibility. To create a luxury men’s boutique when there was no one doing this, and to do so with brands that were unknown to the local and national market. […]

as seen in : KA Magazine – Best of Canada Issue



As seen in the Best-seller: STYLE AND THE MAN by Alan FLUSSER